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Experience Gorgeous
'Tarot-sized' Spell Cards

Featuring over 50 world renowned artists

Not Just Duels! . . . . Play SOLO, Team and Cooperative RPG Campaigns!

A revolution in GM-Free Roleplaying!

Level up 25
Magickal Classes
& Specializations!

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The Path to Magick begins with your Magi’s Chest.


Become The Master of:

2 Inscribed Leather Bound Spellbooks

Designed to hold your incantations, the Codex is also full of lore and methods of the Magi.

Sophisticated Components

2 Energy trackers, 1 focus gem, sand timer and beautiful large size chip sets.

Incantations from the 6 Spheres

98 Incantations, levels 1-3, from all 6 Spheres of Reality.

6 Specialized Classes

Six Specializations provide deeper understanding of the Traditions and unlock your power. Level up your specialization mid match.

5 Scaleable PvE Encounters

5 Different PvE Encounters with scaleable attributes to be challenged solo or cooperatively.


Rules, References, Guides, and Glossaries

A 64 page indexed full color Rules reference, language guide & Glossary


Scenarios and Walkthroughs (ONLINE PDF ONLY)

A 2 player guided scenario & walkthrough to learn the techniques of the Magi, is available online as a downloadable PDF. This can be found at http://www.becomemagi.com/walkthrough-draft/

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  • Our Friends at Sakura

      Last year at SLC Comic Con we met the designers of Sakura. I really enjoyed their game, as I was always a big fan of Shogun (later samurai swords) as well as many other feudal-japan-based board and video games. … Continued

  • Australia Update

    Hello I hadn’t received any tracking numbers for all the Australia orders at the beginning of the week, so I queried the Fulfillment center. Its a good thing I did:   They were confused about the separately wrapped founder’s pins, … Continued

  • Inscription Pack Singles

    Greetings,   Finally all of our fulfillment centers are set up to send out orders containing only inscription pack singles. Sorry it took a while, each country is totally different in pick and pack fees, shipping rates etc…  We have … Continued

  • Reward Packets

    Reward Packets are enroute to the USA and the UK.   Reward Packets are being included with all of the Australia shipments this week. They will be included with Asia/pacific shipments (which is about 10 days away.)   The only … Continued

  • Australia Shipping tomorrow – Asia billed this week.

    Australia shipments along with their reward packets will begin shipping tomorrow. We are still waiting payment for international shipping from 23 Magi in Australia. If you have not received an invoice check your email for a personal email from me. … Continued

  • Avak’Shar Redemption System Update

    Greetings,   An update on the Avak’Shar redemption system. There are several components to this long awaited element to Serpent’s Tongue:   1. Website: The new website that will provide the foundation for the Avak’Shar system is being finished up … Continued